Expression of Interest

Why it's so important

Experience shows that private sector funding is essential for a project to succeed. For the business case to be convincing, customers must demonstrate strong demand for water, including their willingness to pay the scheme’s operating costs (annual charges) and capital costs (upfront one-off customer capital contributions). 

Jacobs will ascertain the demand for water from prospective customers. As a first step, the ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) form is to be used to assess your demand for water. Your responses will inform the volume and timing of water delivery, the pipeline route, engineering design and costs, and funding and approvals that will be needed for the project to proceed. This will inform a second round of demand assessment later this year, where water prices will be further refined.

Your individual response in the EOI form will be treated as confidential; however, it will be aggregated in a manner that allows overall demand to be reported at a summary level by area in the valley. 

Your commercial information will remain confidential.


 If you would like to discuss the Expression of Interest process, please contact Angus MacDonald, Principal Commercial Advisor, Jacobs on 0488 444 973 or via email at

EOI's are due back by COB Sunday 16 February 2020. Please scan or photograph with mobile and email the attached form to the above address. 

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