Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative

Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative

Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water CollaborativeLockyer Valley and Somerset Water CollaborativeLockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative

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A demand analysis is the next vital step in securing a potential additional supply of sustainable rural water for the two council areas. The first stage involves face-to-face meetings with irrigators and other water users to determine exactly how much water they want and what they are willing to pay. If you are interested or wish to be a contributor to this project, sign up to receive all the latest information from us and our consultants Jacobs Group Australia.

About Us

Our Vision


Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative is established to ensure a shared position on future water security, supply and management for all water users and the communities of the region.

The membership of the Lockyer Valley Somerset Water Collaborative is a powerful coalition of leaders and interests that are all committed to a secure and sustainable future for the part of South East Queensland that we love and which offers so much in terms of producing quality food for Australia and the rest of the world.

The Collaborative  members are Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council, Lockyer Water Users Forum, Queensland Urban Utilities, Lockyer Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Lockyer Valley Growers Inc.

Our Project


The Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Security Scheme proposal is a water pipeline distribution infrastructure network to ensure long term water security for agriculture sustainability by supplying additional water, through a pipeline network, to ensure regional growth in the Lockyer Valley and Somerset.  This will link and utilise existing water storage assets (Atkinsons Dam, Lake Clarendon & Lake Dyer) to build drought and flood resilience and sustainability for future growth.

Jacobs Group is currently engaged to undertake consultation with farmers and other water users to validate demand.  This is an essential task in order to understand how much water is needed and what prices users are willing to pay.

Our Chair


Mr Stephen Robertson

Stephen Robertson has extensive and deep experience in government.  He served as a member of the Queensland Parliament from 1992 to 2012.

His work in the Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Trade portfolios built his expertise in sustainable resource management, and his work with Queensland's Energy and Water Utilities delivered wide reaching reforms in water and energy pricing policies, corporate governance, and clean energy.

Agriculture is the lifeblood of the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions. A secure and sustainable future of our communities relies on the ability of the agricultural industry to meet the challenges of today and expand to meet the needs of growing domestic and international populations in an uncertain and increasingly variable climate. 

Our vision is to meet these challenges by bringing new sources of water to the Lockyer Valley to continue to produce world-class horticultural produce, expand the agricultural industry in the Valley, generate new jobs and create opportunities for investment in down-stream industries.

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Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative

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